Mommy & Me-Take 228

July 3-July 9, 2017 We all want to be wherever Hagan is. Grandma and Grandpa met Hagan, and brought us some delicious food! Thank you! Granddaughter #7 looks good with you, Grandma! Our attempts to get a picture with the three Milkshakes (aka The Gans) didn’t go so well…we have professional family pictures July 4…but these will do for … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 227

June 26-July 2, 2017 I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a few weeks, and what feels like real contractions in the evenings. The girls have been very supportive, and quite enjoyed, laying with momma! 40w3d (June 28)…come on Hagan, we are ready for you! The next afternoon and evening the contractions were the real deal and Hagan … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 226

June 19-25, 2017 We took the girls to the parking lot at the local high school to ride bikes…which they did for a little while. They had a blast playing in the van. I don’t get it. They are in the van daily and all of a sudden it was SO exciting and fun. Morgan LOVES the forward facing camera! Usually, she sticks her tongue out but I like this … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 225

June 12-18, 2017 This weekend was ALL about celebrating the Hubs since it was his birthday, our proposal anniversary AND Father’s Day. The girls made sure to have fun with him all week! Happy 37th Birthday, David! The girls were excited to celebrate daddy all weekend, and Friday morning started with adorable dresses to wear to Donuts with Dad … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 224

June 5-11, 2017 Fun at the zoo with Kenza! It was HOT and I wish I had spent more time running through the splash pad. I don’t think we will be going to the zoo again until September because it’s just too hot. We went to the Train Park Sunday morning before it was too hot outside, and had fun on the swings! Then, we went to a … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 223

May 29-June 4, 2017 Occasionally, I will let Logan pick a snack from the vending machine before swim class. I do not let her get candy but I know the bags of salty chips and crackers aren’t much better…that’s why we enjoy it every once in a while. It’s also teaching her MommaE does not always say ‘yes’ and when I don’t there is no need for  … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 222

May 22-28, 2017 Logan had her dance showcase at school Tuesday morning. The kids were adorable and she did a great job. She really loves music and dancing…if she hears music, her body just starts moving! Wednesday evening was Logan’s dance performance at her dance school. Her ballet performance was first, then her tap dance and she … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 221

May 15-21, 2017 Who knew lawn sprinklers could be so much fun?! We had a check-up ultra sound for baby Hagan and Logan came with us. She was more interested in making sure I was ok than seeing images of Hagan. I get it…I struggle with ‘seeing’ baby body parts, even on the 3D images. The check-up went well. Now, we wait for Hagan to make … [Read more...]