Doing What Works

Now that our Milkshake is crawling and eager to explore every inch of the house me and the Hubs are adapting and doing what works to encourage her movement and allow her to explore. For instance, sitting in her high chair to eat sometimes isn't where she wants to eat. We could be firm and insist she eats every meal in her seat, but we'd rather her … [Read more...]


I carried Logan for 41 weeks 2 days and around 40 weeks 3ish days I thought she was never going to want to come out! Since I felt like we still had a few days, this is one of the best/last pregnant pictures I have. It was taken in the very early hours of her birthday (while I was having a contraction) at 41w2d. Thank you to the Hubs for thinking to … [Read more...]

Logan’s 1st Christmas

I was told by several people that our Milkshake’s first Christmas would be special and magical…they couldn’t have been more right. She wasn’t really interested in gifts or even boxes, but she did get to spend time with plenty of people that love her so very much. We spent Christmas Eve with Grandma, Grandpa, Great-Grandma, Great-Grandpa and Uncle … [Read more...]

Calling 911 (already)

A cool front blew in Saturday afternoon, so Sunday morning it was in the mid 60's and beautiful outside. We decided to take Logan to the park, and the Hubs was going to pass out samples from his company to runners/walkers/cyclers. I walked about a mile and Logan got a little fussy so I decided we would wait in the car until the Hubs was done. I … [Read more...]


I was so happy when my BFF's hubby sent me these pictures because I had already forgotten about it. After my fabulous baby shower there were quite a few balloons leftover. I took some home for my niece, Evelyn, to play with, but if I would have walked in the door with all of them I htink she would have been overwhelmed. So, what do you do with a … [Read more...]


I am kind of weird with numbers, maybe a little OCD? I am not quite sure. I don't even know when it started, but I have this obsession with adding numbers up to a single digit, and if it's an even digit everything will be great. Weird? Strange? OCD? Probably all three. For example, I set my alarm for 4:31 or 4:36 on days I have to work. Why not an … [Read more...]

2 Years

Happy 2 year anniversary to me and the Hubs Boo Bear Milkshake Baby Daddy! It's been 2 fantastic years...I look forward to forever with you, Boo! … [Read more...]

Bay Leaf..What is the Point?

There are so many recipes I have found that call for bay leafs to be added and I just do not understand why. I used to add them in spaghetti and gumbo, and would have to caution the hubs about not eating them, and then I wondered if a severe choking hazard was really necessary to make certain dishes taste good. Well, I cooked up a delicious pot of … [Read more...]