Houston Zoo

Saturday morning, we had a Milkshake family outing to the zoo. The zoo gets very busy and parking is a nightmare so we made sure to get there right when they opened and all the animals were waking up and having breakfast. The only way Logan likes to ride in the stroller is if she’s standing and stroller-surfing, her head still has a scab from her last ‘surfing’ attempt so she was happy to be worn in our LILLEbaby carrier. zooh
First stop…sea lions. She really enjoyed watching thesea lions swim. She kept saying ‘more lions!’ when they swam by. We hope to get to watch the sea lion show on our next zoo trip.zoog
Next stop…birds. She loves to sign and say bird, and tweet tweet when she sees them. The birds were so colorful and made really neat sounds.zooi
After the birds we went to the children’s section and let Logan run around and play. The zoo is fun, MommaE!     zooe zoof
Our next stop was the giraffes. The last time we were here Logan was about 8 months old and was very sleepy. It was fun to see her excited about the giraffes.zool
There is an option to feed the giraffes at 11am, but we needed to be on our way home by then for her nap. Feeding MommaE seems to be just as fun!zoob
After the giraffes we went to see the monkeys. Logan loves monkeys…she loves to make monkey sounds and jump around pretending to be a monkey. As soon as she saw them she started making noises and said ‘monkey, monkey, monkey’ over and over. We were very impressed with the exhibit especially when we went to the underground section and she was able to see them up close. She was making monkey sounds to this sleepy guy/gal!zooc
We are looking forward to the next time we can go back to the zoo and see the lions and hopefully the gorilla exhibit will be open.zood


  1. I want to go next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told Joc we need to take Liam to the zoo, she isn’t convinced lol

  2. Grandma P says:

    I haven’t been to the zoo in years – I’m sure it has changed a lot

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