Logan Turns (TURNED) 2!

As we began discussing Morgan’s first birthday and Logan’s third birthday plans I realized I never did a full post for Logan’s second birthday. Mitsy Moo, Momma is SO sorry. Logan celebrated at school with adorable Elmo cookies made by a local mom, not me Smilebday

According to her teachers, the cookies were a big hit!

I had the table decorated for her to see as soon as she came downstairs on the morning of her birthday…and she merely glanced at it and asked if she could have breakfast.bday2

She decided to see what presents she had, but of course she had to remove all her clothes before doing so. Of course, the birthday hat stayed!bday4

After her nap we had a little celebration with people that love both our girls SO much! Grandma, Grandpa, Granny, Uncle Junior and Laurie came over for fajitas, cake and fun!bday11



She really liked her Elmo cake and everyone singing to her. bday14


Of course she needed an ice cream cone to compliment her cake. She is so funny with cake…if an entire cake is placed in front of her, she wants to eat from the entire cake. Do NOT even think about cutting a piece for her. No way! She will take the whole thing, thank you. She is happy to share and let pieces be cut for others but Logan will eat from the cake. bday16

Happy 2nd birthday, Logan. Even though this post is 10 months late, in those two short weeks between Morgan’s birth and your birthday you have loved every moment of being a big sister. You are sweet and silly and love to have fun! You do a great job of letting me, your Daddy and your sister know we mean the world to you, and Logan, it goes the same way. You are our Mitsy Moo…the schnitziest of the Mitsyest and we love you so much. I can’t wait to have you pick out a cake for your 3rd birthday, which will here so soon.

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