Mommy & Me-Take 107

Sorry this is over a week late. Work and life got the best of me! We have been getting SO.MUCH.RAIN so when the sun is out, we are outside. Logan and I are loving our Air Flow LILLEbaby carrier! It’s amazing how well the mesh breathes and neither of us get hot, even with the sun shining on our walk to the park. Can you tell we are happy to be outside?park2
It’s also super wonderful for snuggling. She says ‘Carry! Carry! Carry!’ and puts her arms up, as soon as she is in the seat she snuggles right in. With a baby that likes to be on the go it’s nice to have some snuggle time.park
Logan is doing great at school! She can count to 10, (20 with some help), she identifies letters and she loves to sing nursery rhymes. Especially the ones with hand movements or dances to go along with them. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is a favorite as well as Pat-A-Cake. Sometimes I feel guilty I haven’t taught her these things, then I remind myself a lot of school is monkey see, monkey do. For example, when she is struggling to nap the teachers will pat or rub her back. So she helped Daddy when he couldn’t sleep the other night!park3
I picked up some bunny ears from the dollar store when my sister and neice were in town. The girls weren’t really in to wearing them, but Logan loves for me or the Hubs to wear them. She will grab them, run up to us and say ‘Bunny! Bunny! Bunny! Bunny!’ until we put the ears on. The other morning she had me put them on and was stroking my cheek in the sweetest way.park4
I have been trying to get Logan to say her name for weeks. She will say any name we ask her to say, until it comes to Logan. I officially gave up when she started saying her nickname, Mitsy Moo, over and over. That’s good enough for me!


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    those carriers are the best – Sweet girl rubbing daddies back

  2. Thank goodness she likes you wearing the bunny ears!

    That’s the sweetest when they imitate people doing things!

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