Mommy & Me-Take 108

Only 2 days late…it’s improvement! The Hubs was in Las Vegas for the weekend attending a bachelor party. I was a little concerned becuase our Milkshake ONLY wants her daddy after 6pm. Seriously. But, she was happy to have MommaE all to herself and didn’t even ask for the Hubs during bathtime or bedtime (sorry, honey). We had a busy weekend and also enjoyed it being just the two of us. Is it bad I enjoyed ALL her snuggles and was happy I didn’t have to share?
Friday morning Logan had her 18 month check-up. A month late, oops! She is 29 lbs and 36 inches…99% in both categories. Now I understnad why her 2T shirts are too short. She also got a shot, so we took a selfie to send Daddy while he was at the airport to show him she was feeling better after being poked.
Saturday morning we went to the grocery store and Logan refused to ride in the cart. She’s normally pretty happy in the cart but I think Daddy being gone¬†made her¬†extra clingy. LILLEbaby carrier to the rescue! I wish this picture showed her Elmo in one hand and peanut butter cracker in the other all while being worn. The cracker, however, was more fun to shove in Momma’s mouth than actually eat.m&m107b
Logan is one gutsy little lady. She wanted to go for a walk in her stroller, and less than 45 seconds in to our walk I felt a LOT of movement and shuffling going on. She’s usally strapped in but we were just going down the street and I thought she would enjoy sucking her thumb and watching the birds. I sure was wrong…THIS is how she wanted to ‘ride’ in the stroller:m&m107c
That won’t work, Mitsy Moo. She had her arms out to help her balanlce while I pushed and thought it was just hilarious. I quickly had her sit down and pushed her home so she could play on the stroller with the brake on and me right there to catch her should she fall.

We had a fun girls weekend and enjoyed our playdate with Ms. Amanda and Knox, as well as blueberry pancakes with Grandma and Grandpa. We were both very happy to see the Hubs Sunday afternoon!


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    I am glad we got to be part of Girls Weekend. Love the standing in the stroller.

  2. So glad she didn’t get upset at bedtime…now, we need to have a talk about how to sit in a stroller:)

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