Mommy & Me-Take 113

We had a surprise visitor this weekend and it was great! Aunt Theresa text me Thursday evening that she would be coming from Michigan to vist the very next day! Logan warmed up to her quicker than ever…maybe she remembers when her Great Aunt Theresa visited last time. They had fun playing at Grandma and Grandpa’s.m&m113
We enjoyed a delicious breakfast (our 2nd of the day…no judging needed!) of blueberry pancakes and turkey sausage.m&m113c
Logan isn’t the biggest fan of meat and she inhaled the sausage. MommaE needs to put it on the grocery list. Syrup was EVERYWHERE but it’s pretty obvious she was loving it!m&m113b
That smile? All for Grandpa. Our Milkshake LOVES her Grandpa. She will vary rarely tell me ‘I love you’ without me saying it first. Yesterday, she just blurted out ‘I love you, Grandpa.’ It was so sweet!

Aunt Theresa and Grandma got Logan a super fun pool and Sunday was the perfect day to air it up and catch some rays. But, before we headed outside we made sure to have on our protective gear. I love our matchy-matchy hats!m&m113d
I already had mine and I saw hers at the Gap Outlet earlier Sunday and I knew she needed it! She kept it on virtually the entire time outside. Yay for being sun safe AND stylish! Grandma and Aunt Theresa made sure she had some fun toys for the pool. She had a blast! As soon as the water started spraying out she just stood there letting it spray her and we were a little concerned she was scared, but after a few seconds it was clear she was enjoying every drop of water that hit her. m&m113im&m113jm&m113g
Thanks to the Hubs for snapping these pictures…it’s clear why us Momma’s are rarely in the pictures. We are so busy behind the scenes trying to capture every memory we can.m&m113f
I’m pretty sure I got some great shots and I know we will be using this pool very frequently so I will make sure to get more pictures with Logan, and hopefully a family shot. Those are hard to capture, too.m&m113e
Logan and Great Aunt Theresa!m&m113h
Aunt Theresa, thank you for coming to visit and for the amazing monkey pool we plan to use all Summer long! We hope you are able to come back soon.


  1. All the syrup!

    I love the monkey pool and matching hats!

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