Mommy & Me-Take 120

Logan came home to school with some major curls rocking her sparkly headband and we HAD to take a selfie. She gets more and more girly by the day. She also comes home pretty worn out from school and taking her thumb out of her mouth for a picture isn’t going to happen. 


Saturday we spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Somehow we live in the only neighborhood in Houston that doesn’t have a swimming pool, but there’s does! Grandma suggested we get a puddle jumper and it worked SO well. I highly recommend it for any babies that can’t swim. She had to make sure it fit!m&m120f

She floated so well and was able to flip herself from her stomach to her back to a sitting position very easily. She LOVED the pool, especially jumping off the side!m&m120g

What better way to enjoy some sun in the fun than a snack break with Momma?m&m120b

Sunday we took family pictures. We got there early and so did the photographer and we are so glad because at 8am it was already HOT! Afterward we inhaled breakfast at Cracker Barrel. You can tell from these pictures how sweaty we got…my hair was pretty straight and from all the sweat and humidity it started to get wavy. m&m120d


I can’t wait to see the pictures! Logan was being a ham and I know she was able to capture some cute ones!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a fun Saturday in the sun! We can’t wait to come back and swim some more!

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  1. Grandma P says:

    Swimming was fun. I am glad she liked it and her puddle jumpers.

  2. Ya’ll need to come over to my apartment pool, there is RARELY anyone in there!

  3. Puddle Jumpers really are great for the kiddos!

    And I like your hair with the waves.

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