Mommy & Me-Take 122

The epic rain seems to be gone now and we have been left with some major heat, humidity and mosquitoes. Such is life in Houston 75% of the time! The heat doesn’t seem to phase Logan one bit, but I know she can get overheated and dehydrated quickly. We were lucky to get to the park early both days this weekend and it was nice!m&m122j

A family member told my mom that I don’t have a baby bump, I beg to differ so there will be lots of pictures this week that show the growing Milkshake #2.m&m122k

The Hubs and Logan had a great time going down this slide. Climbing up? Well, that is a different story. It’s so steep. Logan does well, until she gets distracted and starts looking around and wanting to hold her water and just making me a nervous wreck! But look at that smile:m&m122m

Sunday morning we decorated an envelope for Daddy for Father’s Day, (she put her handprints inside the card and after she did that she refused to color in it) had breakfast and went to the park in our neighborhood. I know I’ve mentioned it several times, and it’s a great park, but the sand! Oh goodness for the love of sand! We all need a bath/shower once we are done. See Aunt Deb…there is clearly a baby bump! m&m122e


Logan does well walking to the park or riding in the wagon, but nearly every time she wants to be carried home…by MommaE. I got smart and grabbed our Airflow and threw it in the wagon. She LOVES her LILLEbaby. She said she wanted to go home, walked to the wagon, grabbed our LILLE and said ‘Momma carry!?’ m&m122h

It’s really nice to be able to carry her comfortably while very pregnant! She even picked some ‘pretty pink flowers’ on the way home.m&m122i

After her incredibly short nap (both her naps were short this weekend…she definitely still needs at least two hours so I am hoping this was just a fluke) we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for some pool time. She LOVES swimming and jumping in and being thrown up super high in the air.m&m122



Grandpa showed off his skills and did a flip off the diving board. It was VERY impressive! I wish I had it on video as well as Logan’s reaction…she watched him and when he made a big splash said ‘Oh no, Grandpa had an accident!’ and signed accident. Fortunately, Grandpa was very ok we think the splash was not what she expected. We had a great Father’s Day dinner wit mom and Joe and wrapped up a fun filled weekend with stories and songs with MommaE before bedtime.


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    I love her pig tails. We had fun swimming on Sunday. I am glad Grandpa’s “accident” at the pool was just flipping off the diving board.

  2. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve seen her! She’s so stinking cute.

    (And the one where you are pushing Logan in the swing and she’s sort of covering you…nobody would know M was in there if you didn’t tell us!)

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