Mommy & Me-Take 132

Morgan will be 6 weeks old this Wednesday and I have done as good of a job as I’m able to relax, take it easy, rest, etc. It’s hard having another kiddo to tend to, but it’s also tough because I go stir crazy looking at the same stuff day after day. I was given the green light a few weeks back to walk, so I put Morgan in our LILLEbaby and we did some mall walking (and shopping, too). Every day we went she was a happy lady and napped the entire time. m&m132eLast week was full of good naps for our youngest Milkshake, and one afternoon I strapped Logan on my back in her LILLEbaby (she LOVES her LILLE carrier) and we went to the park. Just MommaE and Logan. We had a great time! She was running around and splashing in puddles and kept singing ‘Let it Go’. On the way home I pulled it up on my phone and we listened to the beloved song over and over and over and over again. I don’t know what it is about that song that kids love so much, but it isn’t a bad one for her to enjoy on repeat. m&m132fSaturday we spent Saturday afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa’s. They had a pool with ‘rain’, chalkboard and Barbie car all set up and Logan had a great time. Swimming with Grandma was a favorite!m&m132im&m132hSunday, Logan wanted to swing with Momma. I thought she wanted to sit on my lap, but she’s a big girl and wanted to swing on her own. m&m132dWe are looking forward to a nice Labor Day weekend with a trip to Granny’s new home that has a fish pond! Hope you ad a great week and have fun plans for Labor Day.


  1. Grandma has a pretty sweet backyard setup. Our girls are going to love it!

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