Mommy & Me-Take 135 & 136

Take 135: Logan has been a great big sister and has done such a fantastic job of sharing her momma and daddy! We are so proud of her. Many days the sharing looks like this with Logan ‘helping’ Morgan to ‘Momma’s teet’!m&m135hOther days she sees Morgan getting snuggles from Momma… (I’m learning to embrace my post partum squishy body, but it isn’t easy.)m&m135fand she wants snuggles, too! Happily, sweet Logan. m&m135gI quickly learned there isn’t ‘Maternity Leave’ when you A) have a toddler and B) have your own business. The Hubs and I do the best we can to divide and conquer, and this past Saturday he stayed home with the girls while I worked and participated in a LLS event we sponsored at RYDE studio. I was gone from 7am-1pm and on the way home the Hubs told me Logan was missing me like crazy. It made me sad and warmed my heart all at once. Once she woke up from her nap, and Morgan was fed, we played outside, just MommaE and Logan. m&m135dI opted for a nursing tank and bikini bottoms, Logan chose just bottoms.m&m135cm&m135It was so nice getting out of the house and being in the real world for a few hours, and coming home to play with Logan made for a greatday!

Take 136: This was a crazy, fun week of running back and forth to see an Aunt and cousins in Katy, and a week of selfies!m&m136m&m136bWith Logan’s schedule being a little off she was extra clingy, but our LILLEbaby came to the rescue when dinner needed to be cooked and all she wanted was ‘Momma carry you!’m&m136dLogan asked me to join her in her crib Sunday evening and she gave me endless hugs (the BEST hugs!)…m&m136fand giggles!m&m136gBeing these girls Momma is the BEST thing ever!


  1. Sweetest girls ever!

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    it cracks me up when you get in the crib – what a sweet participating mommy

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