Mommy & Me-Take 144

We were invited to Logan’s class for Thanksgiving lunch on Friday. The kids were absolutely adorable in their pilgrim hats! Logan was SO happy to have us join her for lunch, and the food was delicious.m&m144The Hubs went back to work and I took both girls home for naptime. Logan woke up and wanted to take pictures and watch ‘Logan movies’ on my phone. I can’t resist her request for selfies. m&m144cm&m144dLogan continues to love accessories more and more. Brynn gifts Logan a set of lacing toys for her birthday. She’s not interested in lacing the thread through the edges…she has me and the Hubs transform the cardboard cutouts into necklaces and wears them all at once. It’s her Flava-Flave style!m&m144bMorgan seems to be developing SO fast. She likes to follow us as we walk by or smile at her reflection in the mirror. m&m144eFor now, her eyes are still blue. Both girls have such pretty, big and happy eyes!


  1. Flava-Flave style – that is hilarious! Your girls are too precious. Love the family photo. 🙂

  2. Love that you were able to make it to the Thanksgiving lunch!

    And, M is getting so big!

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