Mommy & Me-Take 146, 147, 148 & 149

I am SO behind on Mommy & Me Monday and in order to catch-up I am going to post pictures and get back to writing all those words you lovely readers enjoy next week.

Take 146: The whole Milkshake family!m&m146e m&m146d m&m146c m&m146b m&m146.jpgm&m146fBlurry, but our smiles are very apparent. m&m146gTake 147: m&m147e m&m147d m&m147c m&m147b m&m147Take 148: m&m148d m&m148c m&m148b m&m148Take 149: m&m149g m&m149f m&m149e m&m149d m&m149c m&m149m&m149b


  1. You did have serious catching up to do! Glad you got a generation picture with grandma!

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