Mommy & Me-Take 160 & 161

Take 160

I made the Milkshakes and myself matchy matchy St. Patrick’s Day shirts. Logan loved the sparkly broccoli shamrocks.m&m160b

Morgan kept trying to look at the Shamrocks on her headband. After the picture I took it off for her to play with.m&m160

On Sunday, the sun was shining but the wind was blowing strong and it was chilly so we went to the playground at a nearby elementary.



Logan wanted to make sure Daddy and Morgan had flowers, too. 20160320_154157

Whenever we hold up our phones Morgan starts smiling. It makes it easy to get her weeks/months pictures…Logan is at the age where bribes work best for that. m&m160c

Take 161

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles make both our girls SO very happy!m&m161j


Saturday, we went to an Easter Egg hunt at a mall near our house. I decided to wear Morgan forward facing for the first time in our Lillebaby so she could see all the action. I think she liked loved it. m&m161h


I bought matching jammies for me and the girls…one of the girls was thrilled to match MommaE. Logan refused and wore her Frozen dress to sleep in….AGAIN. m&m161e

Morgan has a new seat so she can have her snacks and be eye-level while we are in the play area/kitchen. m&m161i

Bath time with Morgan’s new bath seat made for fun for all of us. I should have gotten these seats a month ago, they are great!


Sunday we had an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard and Grandma and Grandpa brought over a delicious dinner. m&m161b

Another day another dress for Logan. Our girl wants to wear a dress EVERY day, EVERY evening and for bedtime. m&m161c

We hope you and your family had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

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  1. Love the shamrock shirts and the matching jammies! I should try to get some for all of us…of course, it will cost a small fortune!

    Everything is so bright and green there!

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