Mommy & Me-Take 162 & 163

Take 162

We are loving our $30 pool and the gorgeous weather!m&m162c


Morgan isn’t a fan of the pool…even with the water at a comfortable temperature. She likes to sit in the shade and watch Logan jump and splash and float in the pool.m&m162


I think this pool will bring us many afternoons of relief from the heat that comes with Houston summers.

Take 163

Monday night Morgan did not sleep well and had a fever that made her uncomfortable and pretty miserable. She stayed home with me Tuesday and was not feeling well that morning….a fever and runny nose are no fun. I held her and snuggled her for about an hour and she was ready for her morning nap.m&m163c

She woke up feeling much better and ate a great lunch. After her second nap she seemed to feel 10 times better. It was a quick recovery, thank goodness.

Wednesday, I got Logan from school really early and met Danielle, Sterling and Braxton at a park in the Heights. They are from Atlanta and Danielle made Logan’s favorite frog hat and the blanket in Morgan’s room…among a few other handcrafted items we have from her. It was so fun to meet in person. We really liked the park, too, and will definitely go back. m&m163d

That afternoon we continued our MommaE-Logan day with bubbles in the backyard. Logan wanted to blow bubbles not take selfies. m&m163g

Logan loves her dresses! m&m163f

She cuddled with me while we waited for Morgan and Father to get home. m&m163h


Later in the week I snapped some Milkshake family pictures.m&m163


It’s been a while since we went to the zoo so we made sure to go this weekend. m&m163j

We have so much fun every time we go! I sure do love my sweet Milkshakes.m&m163k


Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the delicious dinner Sunday! It was a great way to end our weekend.

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