Mommy & Me-Take 164 & 165

Take 164

Disney on Ice came to Houston and I KNEW Logan would love it. As we walked in the stadium she was in awe of all the treats, other children and Disney clothing for sale. I let her pick one thing to get and she chose cotton candy. m&m164c

We took a selfie for Father because she was getting pretty antsy waiting the 10 long minutes for the show to start.m&m164d 

The show was great! She really enjoyed the Frozen portion and sang along with the songs.

We’ve been letting Logan stay up a little later than Morgan. I love the one on one time with her while she is winding down from the day. This particular night she grabbed her ball and we rolled it back and forth for at least 10 minutes. It reminded me simple things make her so happy and we giggled and laughed just rolling the ball to each other. m&m164

That mess behind us???…just shows that our girls have fun playing, right? That’s what I tell myself on the nights I walk by and go downstairs without putting away a single toy.m&m164b

Saturday evening a good friend was getting married so I spent some time cheesing it up with the Milkshakes before I left. m&m164f

Logan was NOT happy she could not go with me and was extra cuddly and clingy before I left. She tried to bribe me with left over cotton candy! m&m164h

The wedding was beautiful and I couldn’t be happier for Stephanie, Matthew and their sons.

Take 165

Logan is still all about dresses. The only time she ISN’T wearing one is when she is in her school uniform. The other night she wanted to be a baby and have me hold and rock her during dinner.m&m165b

The next morning she woke up (an hour and half early) while the Hubs was out of town, and I still had to get ready to work an event. I did the most sensible thing and gave her breakfast in bed while she watched TV. She was pretty pleased. m&m165

Morgan is 9 months old this week. I know these moments will be gone too soon so I am making sure to treasure them and get pictures so I can look back on it whenever I want. m&m165c

At her 9 month check-up she was 17lbs 10oz of pure happiness! She smiled at the nurses and doctors and babbled nonstop for them.m&m165d

Morgan has been earth side the same amount of time she was in the womb!m&m165e

I ended the week with cuddles from my first baby…zoE.m&m165f

The Hubs and I are heading to LA for the weekend to film a commercial. I am a bundle of excitement, anxiety and sadness but I think the girls will have a great weekend with Grandma & Grandpa.


  1. Grandma P says:

    silly beautiful girls. These are all great pictures. You bet they will have fun and grandpagrandmas

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