Mommy & Me-Take 216

April 10-16, 2017

We kicked off Easter weekend with a Mommy & Me Good Friday fun while the Hubs was at work. File_007 (5)

Morgan was extra needy and was very happy to be in the LILLEbaby ring sling. It let her be so snuggly and we both loved it.File_001 (9)

Then we were off to the local HEB for an Easter egg hunt! Before candy the girls indulged in donuts. File_001 (8)

After their first sugar rush for the day, they were ready for selfies. It’s not truly a Mommy & Me day without selfies!File_001 (7)

File_005 (8)

File_006 (8)

Roughly 1 second after I snapped this picture we all fell down!File_002 (7)

Then, the girls first egg hunt for the weekend started.File_000 (6)

File_000 (7)

File_007 (7)File_001 (6)

Time for MORE sugar!File_007 (6)

After the Easter Egg hunt we went to a park, but I don’t have any pictures. I was too busy keeping my eye on the girls and sliding down a slide I do NOT fit in well this pregnant to take any. We definitely had a fun Good Friday!

Saturday, the girls had their second egg hunt for the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Aunt Theresa, Aunt Deb and Keegan were all in town for the weekend, too!513







Easter Sunday we all woke up to Easter baskets from the ‘Easter bunny’! My favorite part was the Shakes excitement to make and give me my Easter basket. They couldn’t even wait for me to get dressed!




We had a fun morning full of sugar, and the girls took great naps and woke up to their third egg hunt for the weekend. File_002 (4)

File_003 (4)

Unfortunately, Morgan woke up with a fever that stuck with her through Wednesday night, but it did not slow her down one bit!588

I saved one of my favorite pictures for the weekend for the end…I LOVE their matchy matchy dresses and curls…I love how much they love each other even more!497

We hope your Easter weekend was great and now it’s time for a candy detox.

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