Mommy & Me-Take 222

May 22-28, 2017

Logan had her dance showcase at school Tuesday morning. The kids were adorable and she did a great job. She really loves music and dancing…if she hears music, her body just starts moving!File_004 (2)File_005 (2)20170523_090658505

File_002 (2)

20170523_090843File_000 (2)

Wednesday evening was Logan’s dance performance at her dance school. File_001Her ballet performance was first, then her tap dance and she also received an award. She enjoyed watching the other classes dance in between her performances, and so did we. Our little ballerina was front and center for BOTH performances! We are So incredibly proud of how far Logan has come when it’s time to perform in front of an audience…she smiles and has a great time. 20170524_19330520170524_193320File_000



Logan will be taking a 6 week summer dance session 2 days a week and I think we will really see her skills grow! Thank you, Grandma, for babysitting Morgan. It was a long, late night and I think she enjoyed her time playing at home with Grandma, and not trying to keep still in a dance studio.

We got the girls some Magic Water Beads and now the water table is a totally different level of fun. Don’t worry, the Hubs moved Logan’s t-ball stand right before she swung the bat and could have whacked her sister in the head.  553


But the sprinklers…the sprinklers are a hit EVERY time they are turned on!567




20170531_165855Good thing the lawn gets watered while the girls have fun! We took the girls to pick out new bikes and went to an empty parking lot to practice riding them. 20170528_095516


Morgan preferred to dribble and kick the basketball, and Logan did great but likes her small tricycle for now. I think the more we ride the more willing she will be to try her bigger bike. She also likes to pedal backwards and when she does that on her big bike it puts the brakes on!20170528_100223


Practice makes perfect and I think we will all be enjoying riding together in a few weeks. I guess this means the Hubs needs a bike!

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