Mommy & Me-Take 223

May 29-June 4, 2017

Occasionally, I will let Logan pick a snack from the vending machine before swim class. I do not let her get candy but I know the bags of salty chips and crackers aren’t much better…that’s why we enjoy it every once in a while. It’s also teaching her MommaE does not always say ‘yes’ and when I don’t there is no need for  meltdown<—–it’s a work in progress. Her favorite vending machine snack is Subway chips aka Doritos. File_005 (1)

Friday night we had a quick dinner with Grandma and biddy biddy Grandpa!9We rode bikes again this weekend, and Logan was much more enthusiastic and eager as long as she was on the tricycle. She is still figuring out how to steer and I think once she has mastered that she will be ready for her big girl bike. 16

She also thought it was really fun for me to follow her on my bike. I was trying to show her when momma pedals backwards her bike does not work because when Logan pedals backwards on the tricycle it goes backwards. She likes that! But, it’s ‘tricky’ when she tries to do the same on the big girl bike and it engages the brakes. 19


Morgan had a great time taking rides with the Hubs around the empty parking lot at a very low speed. She giggled and laughed and had a great time. She is not interested in riding the trike but does enjoy pushing it around which is why we still have the handle on it. 62

We finished the weekend with a birthday party Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate very well and we were only able to swim for about 25 minutes. The Hubs ‘forgot’ his swim trunks so there I was with my giant belly on display…and my giant pregnancy boobs, which shrink down to nothing which is NOT fair. Back to the party…we had fun for the short time we were in the pool! Happy 1st Birthday, Kairo!70


Hopefully we can go swimming again soon because the Shakes really love it!

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