Mommy & Me-Take 226

June 19-25, 2017

We took the girls to the parking lot at the local high school to ride bikes…which they did for a little while. They had a blast playing in the van. I don’t get it. They are in the van daily and all of a sudden it was SO exciting and fun. File_007 (1)Morgan LOVES the forward facing camera! Usually, she sticks her tongue out but I like this smile hidden behind the paci!File_006 (3)Sunday afternoonn Logan sat on my lap and asked ‘When will baby Hagan come out of your tummy? It’s Summer now so she is supposed to come out!’ Yes, Logan, she is. Trust me, I am ready, too!File_005 (3)Hagan’s official due date (I have a few but June 25, 2017 is the official date we have been going by)….40 weeks on the inside and you’d think she’d be ready to come out by now!File_004 (3)

I have an appointment with Melissa, our midwife, Wednesday unless Hagan decides to come before then!

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