Mommy & Me-Take 152

We are still enjoying a mild winter, and I hope all the people in the path of the Winter Storm 2016 are warm and cozy. The temps have dropped at night but during the day the sun has been shining and it’s been wonderful. The Milkshakes love to be outside, and me and the Hubs like it because it forces us to be outside and enjoy the fresh air as well. … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 53

I ordered a teething necklace a few weeks ago and Logan is loving it. She doesn’t have any teeth poking through yet, just plenty of drool and gnawing on anything and everything. Logan loves her bath time. I try to get her jammies and outfit ready for the next day, but recently she wants both of us with her and stares off in the direction I … [Read more...]