Mommy & Me-Take 162 & 163

Take 162 We are loving our $30 pool and the gorgeous weather! Morgan isn’t a fan of the pool…even with the water at a comfortable temperature. She likes to sit in the shade and watch Logan jump and splash and float in the pool. I think this pool will bring us many afternoons of relief from the heat that comes with Houston summers. Take 163 … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 88 & 89

Take 88: We are so excited Logan is walking! There were SO many things we wanted to do with her, but kind of couldn't becuase she would get hurt or eat whatver it was she was crawling on. We ventured to the playground last weekend and she surprised us with how brave she was...she wanted to go down the slide immediately, all on her own. We had … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 83

We had a fun weekend of nothing big planned, whew! It was great the humidity was low and it didn't feel as hot as normal. We spent some time playing in the yard with Logan on Sunday. She's not walking yet which is why we have her in pants, to protect her knees from the prickly, itchy grass. She enjoyed picking up the rocks and handing them to … [Read more...]