Mommy & Me-Take 108

Only 2 days's improvement! The Hubs was in Las Vegas for the weekend attending a bachelor party. I was a little concerned becuase our Milkshake ONLY wants her daddy after 6pm. Seriously. But, she was happy to have MommaE all to herself and didn't even ask for the Hubs during bathtime or bedtime (sorry, honey). We had a busy weekend and … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 91

Logan had her 15 month check-up this week. This is the first time she has been walking at the doctors office. However, she wanted to sit in my lap until she had the waiting room all to herself. The Hubs snapped this picture and was looking at it last night and said, "You can't tell who's more concerned about the shots." True, I cried more than … [Read more...]