Photo Story Friday-Nickname Edition

Me and the hubs were discussing baby names a few weeks ago (we won’t officially name it milkshake) and he made a very good point—he said, “It doesn’t matter what we name it, within a week you will have nicknamed it and everyone will call it that.” It did take some of the pressure off picking the name for a moment, but I know its nickname won’t go … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

We’ve got some really sweet friends (and I hope Jenny’s card is right)! … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen names the hubby suggested for the milkshake (by browsing our DVD collection and music in his iTunes). 1. Jafar 2. Ariel 3. Sebastian 4. Jasmine 5. Denzel (Washington) 6. Belle 7. Michael (Jackson) 8. Will (Smith) 9. Kobe (Bryant, his favorite Lakers player) 10. Flounder 11. Aladdin 12. Samuel (L. Jackson) 13. Mulan There are … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

  He wore it to Jo-Ann's, Homegoods, Ross and to lunch where everyone was out for All Star Weekend...I'd say he's a proud father! … [Read more...]