Mommy & Me-Take 22

This weekend I was determined to get everything done since I will be 37 weeks Wednesday, and Logan can safely make her appearance anytime after that. Personally, I feel like she will be born August 2....not sure why, but that's the date my gut tells me. The Hubs thinks she will be born very late in the month. It made me feel better to get all the … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 16

Ahhhh, a 3 day weekend! We didn’t have many plans, just to get caught up on things we’ve been saying we would get done and relax. Saturday night, while relaxing, zoE decided to come snuggle her sister. As soon as she got comfy half-way on my bump, our Milkshake put on a show. I lifted my shirt so the Hubs could watch, and zoE snuggled in even more. … [Read more...]