Mommy & Me-Take 138

Both girls have had runny noses and a cough the past week, and Logan had a low grade fever and stayed home with Morgan and me Wednesday. I tried to get a selfie but you can tell she was not feeling well. I've been working on getting the girls to nap at the same time, or have a little bit of an overlap, and this is what Morgan thought of napping … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 73

Our Milkshake (knock on wood) has been doing rather well with naps and bedtime at home. Day Care naps are pretty much non existent. But this past weekend Logan could NOT fall asleep for her afternoon nap, yet she was so sleepy. I tried rocking her and patting her back and pacing while shshing in her ear and finally I thought if I lay down with her … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 42

This weekend the Milkshake household focused on sleeping. I think we had some breakthroughs…several naps were taken in the crib for over an hour AND a bedtime was established AND Logan slept longer than 8 hours without needing to eat. I was able to make a run to B-R-Us while our sweet girl slept. Look how excited I was to see this on the monitor: … [Read more...]