Mommy & Me-Take 168 & 169

Take 168 I asked Logan to wear my ‘cesarean birth is birth’ shirt and she happily obliged. I will make sure she understands when she is older why this picture means so much to me. I spotted this Ariel nightgown at Sam’s and knew Logan would love it. She was SO excited about her surprise. And immediately asked to wear it. Every afternoon she … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 156 & 157

Take 156 While my sister was here we took advantage of the nice weather and my zoo pass and met at the Houston Zoo. The morning traffic was not fun for either of our drives…and then Logan told me she needed to go to the bathroom. She was not wearing a pull-up, and I did have extra clothes,  but I just asked her if she could hold it. She did! … [Read more...]