Mommy & Me-Take 109

A week late, sorry, but it was a rough week for Logan. She barely ate Friday night and woke up Saturday morning and 'spit up' (the Hubs description) a little. I was snuggling her on the couch and needed to go to the restroom and she would NOT let me go without her. As soon as we made it into the bathroom everything in her tiny tummy from that … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 92, 93 & 94

Take 92:  The sickness. Logan got it first, then shared it with me and the Hubs and it was just awful. She handled it way better than we did. The only upside? Momma got some amazing cuddles! She just wanted to be held all.the.time. It was tough at night becuase she needed to be held upright to breathe easier, but she insisted upon laying down. So, … [Read more...]