Mommy & Me-Take 102

Our Milkshake is in a new classroom starting this week. We are excited for her as this class has centers and more activities geared towards learning colors, shapes, numbers and letters, but the transition has been a little hard on her. She LOVED her teachers in her previous classroom so we know she is missing them. But, the walls are all glass so … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 84

Just a girl, her left thumb, her right hand on her chest and her momma. It's her happy place and it! Even sitting on the cold kitchen floor when my Milkshake needs her momma, she NEEDSHERMOMMA! She has a tooth about to break through the skin on the bottom and I think that is why she had 3 naps and wanted cuddles all day … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

Logan watching crib TV* before her bedtime story. I love that she is sucking her thumb and enjoying her rainforest at the same time. *The Hubs text me this picture and called it crib TV. Made me laugh. … [Read more...]