About Us

We have been married since July 2011 and are very excited to have welcomed our first Milkshake into the world August 9, 2013 and our second July 22, 2015. This blog is a place our family and friends can follow along on all the happenings of our growing family.

  • Father – husband, excited father to a growing Milkshake and dad to the fur babies.
  • Momma – wife, proud momma to a growing Milkshake and the absolute most perfect 4 fur babies there are.


Our Milkshakes

  • Logan Emma born 08.09.2013


  • Morgan Marie born 7.22.2015Ojo_MorganNB-53

Fur Babies

  • zoE – the first fur baby and our piece of perfection. She really is the best baby in the house, and we ask the others to be more like her.


  • Leroy – crazy cat. He gives some really sweet cuddles and curls into the smallest most snuggly ball…when he wants to. At other times he does his Leroy head tilt (his signature ‘I’m about to be crazy move’) and he will try to steal the food off your plate or fork or spoon.


  • Riley – she found us, and we just knew she was meant to be ours. She had to have heartworm treatment that nearly broke the bank but we are so glad we saved her.


  • Madelyn – always our puppy. She gets in to the most trouble, but with her sweet puppy face it’s difficult to stay mad at her too long.