Mommy & Me-Take 203

The mornings the girls go to school can be a little crazy, but they both know what to do when it’s time for their week/month picture. Logan likes Morgan to be in her pictures, too, and she has not been thrilled to do so lately. This is why I leave family pictures to the professionals. Morgan is still ALL ABOUT DADDY. If he is home she does … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 202

January 2-8, 2017 We spent New Year’s Day (observed) at a really fun indoor gym for kids called Rock the Spectrum. My BFF and her daughter met us there and the girls had a great time playing. Morgan was a little overwhelmed and extra clingy until she discovered the trampoline and dress-up clothes. Logan put on a puppet show for us! Morgan … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 201

December 26, 2016-January 1, 2017 The girls were off school the day after Christmas so we stayed home and played with their zillion new toys and recovered from the whirlwind of Christmas. Logan was SO excited to pop fireworks New Year’s Eve. We all came into the garage once it was dark but every boom and pop terrified Morgan. The Hubs and … [Read more...]

Milkshake 3.0

Arriving Summer 2017… We are excited for her to join and complete the Milkshake family! … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 200

December 19-25, 2016 Both Shakes started off the week a little worn out and extra clingy…I think all the festivities and parties and activities was a bit over stimulating. Morgan was easy to please as she just wanted to be held. Once again, LILLEbaby to the rescue. I always carry her on my hip so carrying her on my hip in our Candy Shop woven … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 199

December 12-18, 2016 *I am ALMOST caught up and will have more than just Mommy & Me posts soon! Yay!* The Shakes had their Christmas performances at school this week. I was thinking Morgan would run right to us when she saw us walk in the room, but she stayed in her chair and shook her bells and danced! Underneath her elf hat…her first pig … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 198

December 5-11, 2016 Monday afternoon tickles! I kept Logan home from school for a day and took her shopping to get Christmas gifts for Daddy and Morgan. She loved seeing all the Christmas decorations at the stores. A Middle School music group was warming up for a performance and we stopped to listen. As we were walking out of Toys-R-Us two … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 197

November 28-December 4, 2016 Morgan had her 16 month well child visit this week. She was happy in the waiting room looking at the fish in the fish tank and moving EVERY single chair that was not occupied. Once we were taken into an exam room she must have remembered the shots that were coming. It was sad…she cried, I cried and we got out of there … [Read more...]