Doing What Works

Now that our Milkshake is crawling and eager to explore every inch of the house¬†me and the Hubs are adapting and doing what works to encourage her movement and allow her to explore. For instance, sitting in her high chair to eat sometimes isn’t where she wants to eat. We could be firm and insist she eats every meal in her seat, but we’d rather her be happy and enjoy her meal. The other day this is where she was happy eating:wweating

Most meals she happily enjoys in her high chair so I doubt an occassional meal allowing her to crawl between bites will encourage bad habits. When she goes on her first date and decides to crawl around the restaurant I may be eating my words!

As I mentioned, she is typically quite happy in her high chair. BUT, she does want to eat and drink the exact same thing me and the Hubs are eating or drinking. It is good becuase it helps us make healthy meal choices. Everybody needs a cheat day now and again.


I hope she has the Hubs metabolism.wwicecream
I enjoy cooking for our family and making healthy meals. Even when I sing and talk to Logan she doesn’t want to stay with me in the kitchen. I get it, there are just too many other cool things to see. I gave her the tub of plastic lids and she happily crawled around the kitchen tapping them, chomping on them and trying to crawl with lids under her knees.wwkitchen
Our adorable Milkshake¬†also likes to look at her relfection in the refrigerator door and give herself kisses! I do have a question…do I really need to wash the lids after every time she plays with them? I am not a germ freak so it doesn’t bother me if I have a little Logan slobber or fur baby love in my lunch, but I may need to reconsider if we have guests over and send them home with leftovers.


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    cute pictures – love the one of her and David both taking a bite of ice cream at the same time

  2. You are already steps ahead of first time parents trying to follow the rules and learning that it’s much easier to do what works for you.

    And, I love his milkshake shirt:)

    PS If you’ve ever had one of our plastic containers…sorry, they never get cleaned after getting played with!

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