Photo Story Friday-32 Month Edition

As cheesy as it is, me and the Hubs celebrate our wedding anniversary every month. I’m going to be honest, being married can be challenging, loving, difficult, fun and requires work at times. Every month we are happily married is worth celebrating in our books! We don’t do anything big or over the top, we just like to be extra lovey dovey that day.

The Hubs struggles to remember, but our 32 month anniversary slipped my mind while HE remembered! I was very surprised, then felt bad that I forgot, when the Hubs gave me a sweet card.33d


Then, he asked me to come in the backyard. He surprised me with 32 month anniversary flowers…hibiscus to replace the ones we think are dead from the brutal Texas winter.33b

The card was such a sweet shock, then the flowers!?!? Job well done, Hubby! The old ones did look pretty sad. 33a

The 32 month anniversary hibiscus were planted this weekend and they look great!33c

Happy 32 month anniversary, Boo. Sorry I forgot.


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    What a sweet hubbie.

  2. sugary sweet. Curious to see if your flowers actually died or not.

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