Photo Story Friday-The Coming Home Outfit Edition

When my first niece was born I was so excited my sister and BIL chose to bring her home in an outfit I had gifted her…they didn’t find out the sex before so it was tricky finding cute, gender neutral clothes. After that it became tradition for nieces (so far there are no nephews between the two of us) to come home in outfits gifted by their aunt. I decided for niece B I would make her outfit!

At first I thought it would be so simple to sew the letter on the onsie. Those 0-3 month onsies are teeny-tiny so I enlisted the help of my grandma and mom.DSC_0273

I know what’s missing! I need glasses, too!DSC_0276

Three women with sewing experience and glasses still could not manage to make the B look decent. I decided it needed to be sewn by hand. My second attempt to get this coming home outfit cute for B: WWa

Ugh, it still looked all wrong. So, I opened a bottle of wine, poured a glass and tried another type of stitching by hand:WWb

It still wasn’t perfect, but it was looking pretty good and I had my sisters approval. I poured another glass of wine and finished B’s hand-stitched coming home outfit:WWc

The onsie and pants were worn by Logan her first days at home so it made it nice and soft and worn in for cousin B. B looked precious for her escape (that’s how my sister refers to it) from the hospital. If they have a fifth baby I may switch to hard liquor and see what kind of outfit I can create. Welcome to the world B! I can’t wait for Logan to meet you and see your sisters in a few weeks. Cousin love is the best!


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    The outfit was definitely worth the effort. B looked very cute in her new B outfit from Auntie Em.

  2. Her B outfit is perfect. I’m sorry you had to do so many revisions. But we really like the outcome.

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