Photo Story Friday-The (completed) Nursery Edition

We finished Logan’s nursery this past weekend. We are very happy with the room and can’t wait to see her sleeping soundly in her crib.



We spent some time Sunday evening relaxing in her room with the fur babies.


Thanks to all the friends and family that made special pieces for her room and gave me great advice when trying to decide on things. I am not good at decorating, and the Hubs usually just goes along with what I suggest, so all the ideas and input was greatly appreciated.


  1. The room looks Fantastic!! You did a great job decorating!

  2. AWWW!! I love the room!!!! You guys did such a great job!! Looks like your house is baby-ready!

  3. It looks so cute. I love all of the color!

  4. looks great – color scheme is fun!

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