Photo Story Friday-The Cousin Lovin’ Edition

When I realized I would still be on maternity leave while my nieces were on Fall break I knew I wanted to get to Atlanta. Logan needed to meet her cousins, and see her baby whispering Aunt Krystyn again. She also needed her Uncle Matt to get to hold her (he met her when she was born but was sick and didn’t get to hold her). Tickets were crazy expensive so my mom booked it with her points and off to ATL we went…not before I stressed and had major anxiety about being THAT lady on a plane with a crying baby. We lucked out and had the entire row of seats to ourselves on the way there and the way home. Logan was great on both flights and her cousins were so sweet to her.

Isabelle and Natalie loved to hold Logan.tuesday1

They also enjoyed watching cartoons together, and Logan was all smiles on the plane.tuesday2

Evelyn was so cute and kept saying ‘hey baby’ and wanted to see her, and be held by the same person holding Logan. I like to refer to it as cuddly jealousy.tuesday6

We captured a few photos of the cousins all together for the first time. I love it! Getting 4 sweet girls to smile at once will hopefully happen in the next cousin picture, and by then there will be 5 sweet girls (my sister is expecting her fourth daughter at the end of December)! I hope we can make frequent trips to Atlanta…and convince the Serious Family to move back to Texas (yes, Texas is home for them!).

tuesday4Isabelle and Natalie sent us home with some beautiful artwork to decorate Logan’s room. They are very creative and great little artists. The big person is me and the little one is Logan-seems obvious to me. One picture Natalie wrote ‘God loves you’ on…to remind me and Logan God loves us. Sweetest nieces ever!tuesday3

When we got home the fur babies seemed like they really missed Logan. Leroy napped in her car seat while we were gone (which he has never done), then zoE and Riley hung out in her room while I nursed her.tuesday5

We had a great time visiting Logan’s cousins (my nieces) and I hope we can do it again soon. Family is so very special and I think it shows in these pictures. I am glad we got to go while I was on leave…as of today only 3 weeks left.


  1. I didn’t know they did those pictures for you. So cute!

    I just found one that the oldest did…it has Logan labeled as “Ema!”

    It was a fun visit! And, I can’t wait until February:)

  2. Those are some gorgeous ladies in that pic!

  3. Grandma P says:

    cute pictures

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