Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Items Packed for Delivery Day (packed in super cute bags, of course):


  1. coming home outfits (for Logan and for MommaE)
  2. bras (sports bra, cami bra, nursing bra..I know I will most likely not need a nursing bra so soon, but it will be nice to have them check how it fits.)
  3. pacifiers
  4. taggie blanket
  5. swaddle blanket
  6. burp rags aka cloth diapers—I had NO idea they were the same thing..lots to learn as a first time human parent.
  7. SmartWater (I plan to eat and drink while in labor, such a rule breaker, I know!)
  8. giant panties for the
  9. maxi pads
  10. Hypnobirth book and booklet (Our Rainbow Relaxation cd will be grabbed last minute becuase we listen to it every night.)
  11. Boppy
  12. nipple cream
  13. waterproof camera (We will grab the other camera when we head out the door.)TH13B

We feel pretty ‘prepared’ for delivery day. I can’t even try to count how many times we have been told there is no way to prepare, so many it’s actually annoying now (yep, I said it), but we feel when it comes to actual items/things/products we should be pretty set if our Milkshake is healthy. The car seat base is properly installed and her car seat is by the door with her bag sitting in it. Our desire is to labor at home as long as possible so I plan to pack snacks and other last minute things we use everyday during that time.


  1. That is a super cute bag, wonder who you got that from? lol You are the most prepared woman I know! What is the nipple cream for?? Just doesn’t sound like fun! Why does the camera have to be waterproof????????????? I am super confused about that one 🙂
    Gotta love me!

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    glad you are prepared. Now tell her it’s time to come out. All the bags are really cute.

  3. Love the bag!! 🙂
    It’s getting so close!!! you can eat and drink?!?! I never knew that! makes things easier for sure – you will need your energy!

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