Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen names the hubby suggested for the milkshake (by browsing our DVD collection and music in his iTunes).
1. Jafar
2. Ariel
3. Sebastian
4. Jasmine
5. Denzel (Washington)
6. Belle
7. Michael (Jackson)
8. Will (Smith)
9. Kobe (Bryant, his favorite Lakers player)
10. Flounder
11. Aladdin
12. Samuel (L. Jackson)
13. Mulan
There are several names on the list we like, but we won’t be naming the milkshake based on any of these characters, athletes, musicians or actors.


  1. He and Mr. Serious would get along well…except Mr. Serious uses food names!

  2. pat chance says:

    too funny – try mixing up the spelling your sister loves that

  3. I vote for Jafar! hahaha 🙂

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