Thursday Thirteen

Do We Really Need These Baby Items?

  1. BOB jogging stroller
  2. wipe warmer
  3. Bumbo chair
  4. newborn photo session
  5. crib comforter
  6. diaper covers/bloomers
  7. infant hats (the thought of having a beanie on the milkshakes tiny head in the middle of the summer in TEXAS seems like full on milkshake torture)
  8. infant shoes (Won’t the milkshake be at least 11+months old before it walks?)
  9. mobile (Makes me dizzy thinking about it…and in some creepy Lifetime movie way it freaks me out)
  10. digital nanny (The milkshake is crying…it needs to be fed, changed or loved on-right?)
  11. baby powder (Is this even used anymore?)
  12. engraved baby silverware (I’ve seen the Tiffany’s catalogs, I know.)
  13. clothes upon clothes upon clothes (This was the only thing hubs said should be on the list. The milkshake will grow out of them, and doesn’t need to worry about being judged, it will get enough of that when it’s older.)

    Any help other mommas could offer on this would be greatly appreciated. Is there anything on here that is a true must-have? Any items from the list we absolutely need on the registry? Also, any tips on good Craigs List items you’ve found?


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    definitely no mobile. get one of those things you can put on the crib that make noise, move and have lights. Krystyn has a good one. Clothes, necessary to have a little surplus so Mommy and Daddy don’t have to do laundry every other day (little ones poop and pee thru all the time).

  2. Yes, do the newborn photoshoot (find a friend that is good with babies…you know a couple people).

    You won’t regret it.

    And, clothes? onesies and gowns for 90% of the time for the first couple months.

    Diaper covers? Only amish panties.

  3. Poo…my comment got lost?

    Yes, onesies and gowns are all you need for the first month..and sleepers.

    No baby powder. Bad for little baby lungs

    Schedule a drive to the ATL and you can use our bumbo-thing.

  4. Complicated answer!
    BOB jogging stroller: a jogging stroller, yes. Texas is super flat, and it’s EXTRA handy.
    Wipe warmer: totaly luxury. It’s your preference.
    Bumbo chair: Eh, some love it, some hate it.
    Newborn photo session: YES YES YES. One of the best things we bought. Even if you go for the cheapo package.
    Crib comforter: Nope. Not until winter when they are able to crawl.
    diaper covers/bloomers: only for cuteness factor under dresses. Really not necessary until they crawl.
    Hats: Especially NOT in the summer!
    Infant shoes: we only wore socks until he could walk. Red was 14m. when he took his first steps. Girls are sometimes earlier.
    Mobile: eh, can do without. As soon as they pull up, it needs to be removed. 6-7 months, tops.
    baby powder: YES YES but only with cornstarch. Apply liberally after butt paste and it erases diaper rash. BIG TIME.
    Engraved baby silverware: A traditional item, silver is antimicrobial and helped keep babies healthy before antibiotics. Still works.
    Clothes upon clothes upon clothes: Nightgowns and onesies until they stop growing so fast!!

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