Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things we can check off our ‘need to do before the Milkshake arrives’ list:

1. tour a daycare we really like

2. pre-register at the hospital

3. find a pediatrician

4. attend Hypnobirth classes (Our last class is next Tuesday and we are both rather sad it is already over because we have learned so much, but practicing and putting it to use will be great!)

5. baby registry* (OVERWHELMING! No wonder babies can be easily overstimulated, the baby stores are overstimulating for parents!)

T13D T13C

6. begin discussing birth preferences with OB/GYN (Debating on whether or not I should post our ideal birth plan.)

7. alarm set to remind us to add the Milkshake to our health insurance within the 30 day time limit

8. clean out junk storage room and make it into a second guest bedroomt13b

9. find a maternity photographer (We have it scheduled for 35 weeks because I want a full on baby bump, but I don’t want to be a swollen mess. Suggestions, please, other maternity picture taking mommies.)

10. filled out FMLA paperwork and submitted it to HR

11. left FMLA paperwork with doctors office to complete so I can turn it in to HR (Yes, work wants it this early.)

12. gifted (we have some amazing friends) a really neat baby briefcase to keep all her paperwork, appointments, furniture receipts, etc in one place (This is perfect for us. The Hubs has a black accordion binder that truly helps him get through everyday without losing misplacing important documents so he is thrilled he can grab the Milkshake and her briefcase and have all the paperwork he may need. Since pacis and bottles and diapers won’t fit in the briefcase I will have to get him in the habit of grabbing baby, briefcase and bag.)t13

13. confirmed with the OB and pediatrician that 4 fur babies will be GOOD for Logan…studies show being exposed to fur baby dander and hair may prevent allergies

 We know there is still so much more to do before our baby girl’s arrival but checking things off the list reminds us of how soon she will be in our arms. Her debut will hopefully be in 12 weeks.

*Unfortunately, Babies-R-Us and Target are not sponsoring our Milkshake or this post.


  1. I can’t believe you are going to have her so soon! I feels like you JUST announced you were pregnant! I can’t wait to meet her though!

  2. Your list is dwindling – great job knocking it out!

  3. Ummmm…you bring the briefcase everywhere? I’m confused….

    And, you needed the dr to tell you it’s okay to have fur babies…..deep breaths!

  4. That looks like the most amazing gift! Looks very helpful!

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