Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I have craved while pregnant:

  1. Smart Water (hubby surprised me with a whole case one day…better than flowers!)
  2. Marshmallow Mattey’s (aka Lucky Charms I insisted on getting the biggest bag, the off brand comes in big bags, and I had maybe 3 bowls then couldn’t stand it anymore.)
  3. steamed artichoke (found some at the dollar store!)
  4. corn bread (hubby found some at a soul food restaurant that was delicious)
  5. Long John Silvers (EXTRA crunchies, need I say more?)
  6. baked garbanzo beans (now I can’t even look at them)
  7. homemade chex mix (It’s SO much better homemade than out of the bag.)
  8. berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries…YUM)
  9. grits (I had shrimp and grits Monday at Pappadeaux and it was amazing!)
  10. candy (Specifically giant Smarties which they only have at Cracker Barrel and during Valentine’s season. I have checked Target, Kroger, Wal-Mart, CVS, Wal-Greens and two Dollar Trees and still haven’t found them. They do exist, and they have cute messages on them as well.)
  11. salads (with no feta, I know)
  12. chicken nuggets (not tenders, nuggets)
  13. potato soup (My mom made me some and I could eat it every day.)

I am trying very hard not to give in to every craving and keep the bad food to a minimum. We have driven by LJS twice and I haven’t stopped, and that’s a big deal because it isn’t close to home.

Another post is coming soon about a few items I have found helpful while being pregnant and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (this sentence sounds cheesy but the stuff is really useful).


  1. I like lime. Lots of lime. And with N? Dry roasted peanuts.

  2. Cravings are great! Much better than Turn offs! 🙂

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