Wordful Wednesday

As soon as we found out we were pregnant I started thinking about the delivery…how will it go? will it hurt? at a hospital or birthing center? vaginal or c-section? I just had so many questions running through my head. Me and the hubs discussed it and he said whatever I wanted to do he would support, however, the birth HAS to take place in a hospital. That was his only request and I was perfectly good with it, especially since this is our first milkshake and we don’t quite know what to expect, so being around medical staff for any special circumstances is a great thing. I told him I wanted to try  to have a natural birth. Again, he said he will support whatever I choose for the birth as long as it takes place in a hospital. As I have mentioned before my sister has pretty much been my on call doctor so I told her of our desires to have Logan naturally and since she has 3 sweet girls already her advice was take a class, get some training, talk to other natural birth moms—just do something besides think I will walk in the hospital and pop out our milkshake with complete ease. She sent me the email address of a friend from high school, and sent me home from ATL with some cloth diapers that needed to be delivered to the friend (she’s a smart sister…she wanted to make sure I talked to our friend and got some advice). I met with our friend and talked, asked questions, and basically picked her brain for almost 3 hours about natural birth. She had her two sons naturally and is planning a home birth for her daughters arrival. She suggested hypnobrithing and gave me the contact of who she used. I can’t thank her and my sister enough for suggesting we do something to prepare for a natural birth.

We had our first hypnobirthing class last night and it already seems to be perfect for me, the hubs, and most important of all, Logan. The instructor is pregnant with her 4th baby and she has used hypnobirthing with all of her hospital deliveries. PERFECT instructor for us if I do say so myself. We were given a relaxtion and affirmation cd to listen to daily, and are encourgaed to bring it to the hospital for Logan’s birth. We got home too late from class to listen to it last night, but we will this evening before we go to sleep. It will hopefully help with my struggle to sleep, too.


We also practiced some breathing techniques, visualization skits and watched some hyponobirthing mothers give birth. The skit was really neat because it worked, and to be honest, I was skeptical. The instructor had us envision our kitchen and a lemon and then cutting the lemon and biting into it and my mouth actually watered like I was eating a sour lemon! Unfortunately, I also pictured myself cutting my thumb. But, I didn’t jump or get scared or break my relaxed thinking…so I think it’s something we can definitely do.

I am trying to be very open to whatever birthing route will bring Logan into the world safely. If that means an epidural or spinal block or c-section then that is definitely what we will do, but I hope hypnobirthing helps us stay calm and focused to make the best decision for her. We have homework to do this week and me and the hubs are actually both excited about it!


Any birth advice is greatly appreciated 🙂


  1. I’m glad you are taking a class and working in it together.

  2. The best advice I can give you is not to have a perfect plan. Babies change things all the time, and only they know what they are planning. Make your best guidelines and stick to them as you go. Red decided to get stuck after several hours of pushing and his heart rate dropped so low they had to go in after him (Emergency C section). I would have done it all over the exact same way.

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