Wordful Wednesday

The Hubs was the most amazing birth companion for Logan’s birth. When I think of everything I wanted for her birth I am reminded of how supportive he was…even when he did not completely understand why I wanted to try to have a specific birth, he constantly said, ‘If it makes you happy, it makes me happy.’ Friday (our Milkshake’s birth day) his love for me and Logan made me the weepy, mushy, emotional lady that isn’t typical for me.

Saturday night, aftersaying goodnight to our sweet girl in the NICU (I promise her birth story will come soon) we returned to the hospital room and he had this waiting for me. get-attachmentww

I was so touched and happy that I cried so hard it hurt. It’s her birth stone and has her name engraved on the sides AND the hearts match the hearts on my promise ring (I should do a post about the promise ring and how it fits into our love story) so I can stack the two rings. Thanks hubby for such a sweet gift, and for giving it to me at a time when I really needed to feel close to our little girl.get-attachment (9)get-attachment (8)


  1. Hey….why am I just now hearing about this?

    What a very sweet and thoughtful gift!

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    boy can he surprise me sometimes. What a great gift.

  3. Oh my gosh, that is the sweetest thing ever!

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