Wordless Wednesday

Me and the Hubs decided it was a good time to introduce Logan to solid food. We started with avocado and bananas….you can see from the picture she was not too impressed with the avocado.WWavocado

I helped her get some in her mouth which she quickly spit out. The little avocado she did swallow she puked up…similarly to how Leroy pukes up a hairball. We gave her some ground, organic steel cut oatmeal and that went over much better. We add a little mashed banana to her oatmeal with some breast milk and she is starting to enjoy it—kind of. We will add some mashed avocado when she gets used to the oatmeal. It sure is fun watching her grow up! In just a few weeks she will be 1/2 a year old.


  1. So proud of you for getting her in her seat and putting the food in front of her. She’ll get it…and you’ll see it’s not that exciting that they eat real food! Their poop gets stinkier:)

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    exciting times – table food – yummy

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