Wordless Wednesday

We stopped by Goodwill Saturday (in the midst of the monsoon-like weather) to get a desk for the store. Not only did we get a great deal on the desk ($26.99 AND it did not require any assembly AND the employees helped load it in the rain) we found some great books to go on Logan’s bookshelf that Grandma and Grandpa C are building. wedesday

The books are a teeny bit worn on the edges, but all four of them were under $1 each. The employees at the Goodwill store were so incredibly kind and helpful. We will definitely be going back to donate and see what treasures we can find. There were so many Pinterest ideas running through my head while I was there…a little paint and glue can go a long way! If you’re ever bored, take a stroll through your local Goodwill and I bet you’ll be surprised what goodies you can find!


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    A woman at my office goes there all the time. She looks through the books, finds ones that sell well on Ebay. Purchases the books to sell then finds goodies for herself and her children there. Sells the books and her goodies are paid for. One persons junk is another persons treasure.

  2. That’s a great deal…and those are classics!

  3. I love Goodwill and secondhand shops!!

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