I was so happy when my BFF’s hubby sent me these pictures because I had already forgotten about it. After my fabulous baby shower there were quite a few balloons leftover. I took some home for my niece, Evelyn, to play with, but if I would have walked in the door with all of them I htink she would have been overwhelmed. So, what do you do with a bunch of helium balloons that are too cute to pop? Susie had a great idea, and me and the Hubs really enjoyed it: baloons1balloons2balloons3

Up, up and away! It was fun watching them float away in celebration of Logan’s upcoming arrival!




  1. Grandma Pat says:

    You don’t even look pregnant in these pictures – great idea to let the balloons go for Logan.

  2. Cute! I didn’t know you did that!

  3. I didn’t know you did that, either. And, I agree with don’t even look pregnant!

  4. nice color combo!

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