I was so happy when my BFF's hubby sent me these pictures because I had already forgottenĀ about it. After my fabulous baby shower there were quite a few balloons leftover. I took some home for my niece, Evelyn, to play with, but if I would have walked in the door with all of them I htink she would have been overwhelmed. So, what do you do with a … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen

The most amazing baby shower captured in 13 pictures: 1. We can add Logan's birth date and weight to the wreath once she's born. I love the fur babies on here, too. 2. Milkshake cupcakes. 3. Evelyn (niece), Krystyn (sister), Melissa (cousin), Me, Mom, Aunt Deb. 4. Gift table with books to write messages to Logan. 5. Stephanie and … [Read more...]