Mommy & Me-Take 1

I have been using a few apps to track my pregnancy. I received an email the other day via one of the apps for a free sling from I had my friend help measure me and quickly placed an order. It came in the mail over the weekend and I had to give it a try. Of course I needed a willing participant and the always perfect zoE was there to help.


Although she is a little larger than most newborns (I hope the milkshake isn’t 13 lbs at birth) carrying her in it was fun and added that much more excitement for when I’ll have the milkshake in the sling. I sent the picture to my sister because it reminded me of when she had a sling and I needed a willing participant to try it out. Good thing Sassy was on hand to let me sample the sling I would order 6.5 years later.


I really am lucky to have fur babies that let me torture carry them and treat them like human babies.

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  1. Good thing our cats are so cuddly and willing. I have a couple small people that might be willing to try it out with you.

    • I should bring it to ATL and see if E will let me try it out for older kids. You know (after all the carseat difficulties I have had with the girls) I will need some practice.

  2. Kitties are always helpful! Red was 13lbs at 6 weeks, so don’t hold your breath! Anything can happen!

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