Mommy & Me Monday-Take 70

Logan is crawling! The past two weeks she has done the army crawl, then started crawling on one knee and propping the other foot out and this weekend she figured out regular crawling and is loving it. Unfortunately, this means she doesn’t have time for anything else. She doesn’t want to sit still to eat, she doesn’t want to be in her car seat longer than 2 minutes and she doesn’t enjoy bathtime since she can’t move around very much. We haven’t stressed about her eating becuase we know if she gets hungry, she will eat. We are still giving her bottles at home although she only drinks from sippy cups at school. If me or the Hubs sit in the back seat with her AND we play Disney songs she will tolerate a 20 minute car ride. Bath time, however, we can’t seem to please her with. I am hoping it’s just a phase becuase she used to love kicking and splashing and grabbing her toys. Also, the Hubs does bath time and I know it’s hard on him when she is fussing and unhappy. The up side, usually once we get her dressed she is happy as can be to brush her teeth, watch crib TV and show off her new moving skills while she winds down for the day. She is now wearing 24 month size pajamas. Just two weeks ago her 9-12 month clothes fit great. Now, don’t even think about putting them on!m&m70d
She loves to turn on her crib TV all by herself. She turns it on during nap time and sometimes in the middle of the night and it soothes her back to sleep everytime. Thanks sis for the suggestion.m&m70c
Our Milkshake has 5 teeth now! 2 just broke through the skin on the top (thank goodness) and 3 chompers on the bottom. She LOVES her toothbrush and actually brushes her teeth and loves to brush Momma’s teeth, too. The super close-up picture? The only way I could get her to sit still was to keep the phone very close to her face. m&m70e
Ahhh, starting to relax and snuggle Momma. I love love love this time with Logan. Thumb in her mouth and her hand making its way to the back of her head and this baby girl is in her bed time element.m&m70
All tuckered out. I don’t usually hold her until she falls asleep, but this night, before I knew it she was out and I was so relaxed I fell asleep for a few minutes. I can’t get enough bed time snuggles with her relaxed and warm and breathing so softly while she lays on my chest.m&m70b Sweet dreams sweet Logan!

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  1. She’s so sweet! I love that she turns on her crib tv to soothe herself at night!

  2. Congrats on all that crawling! Go, Logan, go!

  3. crawling is a big deal! That changes a lot of things for momma and for baby 🙂 so cute!!! her jammies are adorable!

  4. Grandma Pat says:

    she’s growing up so fast – i love watching her crawl

  5. She is precious! I remember when my kiddo were that small- that seems soooo far away and they are only 2 and 5! *Visiting from Mommy and Me Mondays!

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