Mommy & Me-Take 10

Saturday was a very busy day, and with the crazy hours the hubs has been working once his head hits the pillow he passes out. Logan is the most active at night and we like to lay there and watch/feel her move. I grabbed the bubs hand Saturday night and our little milkshake started moving all over the place. I think she knew her Father was right there. I got a really good video of it so I could show the hubs in the morning, but I am struggling to upload it. I decided it is best for me to share the picture than throw the computer out the window since it is clearly the computers issue and not mine. So underneath the hubs hand Logan is moving all over the place. It will be so neat to show her the video once she is older.


I figured it counts as mommy and me since it’s my belly and our sweet milkshake inside.

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  1. I say it totally counts, but your sis has to make the call 😉

  2. Awww…it counts…but I want to see the video!

  3. that is so neat. what a great idea to make a movie – it’s going to be a precious thing to show it to your baby someday!

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